On Acceleration

$4 gas, black man for pres, global weirding, oprah’s gone vegan. my friends, the times they are accelerating. We find ourselves hitting the gas along the curve of exponential growth/change/evolution into totally unprecedented territories and uncharted waters. I know that we’re all feeling it because I’m feeling it. The ride is definitely bumpy and like a rollercoaster, just when you relax and get to the top, the bottom falls out from under you and you’re sent shooting out into the unknown yet again.

I write now because I’ve been meaning to and because in about 6 hours I have a flight to Bali. More on that later!

Needless to say, the past 2 months have felt like about 5 years for me and the journey has been strangely amazing, bewildering, and completely unpredictable. To summarize for the too-busy-to-read-a-lot among you, they finally started making movies about me! A very beautiful short documentary was made about me and my lover VV and I would love to share that with you here.

The other highlights of the past 2 months are:

  • I have begun eating a 100% raw vegan diet
  • I participated in a 2-day ayahuasca ceremony in a time-travel device in Joshua Tree that was quite revelatory and among other things led to me throwing away my glasses (I am now about 6″ from the screen as I type this)
  • I have been living in the fabulous LA hipster ‘hood of Silver Lake after leaving the fabulous NYC hipster ‘hood of Williamsburg
  • I have struck up several wonderful creative partnerships that keep the excitement flowing.
  • I have watched the destruction of a former creative partnership in horror and awe at how quickly feelings can change.
  • I have been doing some nice graphic design and my skills have increased like 1000%. I also made my first Flash website.
  • I have been encouraged to realize on deeper and deeper and deeper levels that I am taken care of, that I am a beloved child of the universe, connected to and creator of all things.

In other words, I have taken about 7 more steps off the deep end.

I think in the spirit of the times, I will keep this one shorter than usual, more like a soundbite, get to the point so to speak.

I really am starting to see it all around me. The Earth itself is waking up from a long, long slumber of forgetfulness, characterized by wars, prejudice, disease, and most of all, fear. It’s all getting out on the table, thanks to technology, the exteriorization of our inner remembering. Creating the web to remind us that we are in fact a web ourselves. Google reminding us that we know everything we need to
know when we need to know it. We are finally getting it out of our system, preparing ourselves for a time of great light.

And most of all, waking up to the fact that this whole experience, this thing we call physical reality, is our beautiful creation, a projection of our consciousness. And of course the days are often still dark and there is much fear left to release in each and every one of us, but we are rounding the bend, deciding that we might as well just face it once and for all, because all the outer securities are collapsing around us anyway. No job security, no relationship security, no governmental security, no strong dollar security, no military security, no privacy. It’s all opening up into the light and we’ve stored so much darkness there we convinced ourselves that the darkness had no end.

But it does, and the more work I do the more I realize that the dark side of life, the shadow, is not as scary as it looks–once you actually look at it. That the shadow is where so much of our power and our unexpressed energy lay.

My good friend Yogananda, in his book Autobiography of a Yogi, tells a story about going penniless to a distant city in India. He bought a one-way ticket and brought no money, convinced that he would be taken care of by God. As the story goes, a royal carriage awaited his arrival and he was treated to a feast, shown the sights of the city, and happened upon a man who insisted on taking care of him completely and unexpectedly bought him a first-class ticket home.

In December, I began receiving the inner nudge to go to Bali. I thought this was supposed to happen in Mid-April, but life had other plans for me for the 6 weeks between now and then. A lot of synchronicity transpired, the money appeared to buy a ticket just recently, just enough for a one-way ticket, and the next thing I knew I had purchased a one-way ticket for Bali leaving… well, in 6 hours.

A couple of days later I started laughing hysterically when I realized that this was an almost identical story to Yogananda’s. My intentions for this trip are many: I intend to meet people and connect like I have never allowed myself to do in my life. I mean, non-stop meeting and talking and sharing and loving, day after day. I intend to perform all over Bali in the most amazing theaters and on the street corners of villages, both solo and with Balinese dance troupes. I intend to fall into people, especially men, really releasing my old fears of intimacy and love. I have discovered that physical touch is basically my favorite thing there is and I am am ready to express that desire to touch people and hug people and massage people. I intend to be taken care of in style, being a welcomed guest of the royalty of Bali. I intend to return to Los Angeles on a private jet, the guest of some fabulous new friend. And most of all, I intend to step further out into the unknown, creating a positive reality as I go.

Every time I step out into the unknown, new inner fears are revealed. New negativities and disbeliefs show themselves. So my 30-day experiment for the month of June is to ASSUME EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING FOR A POSITIVE REASON. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I say all of this because sending my intentions out to you all really means a lot to me. I feel your support and encouragement and well-wishing and prayers even as I write this. I know some of you are probably skeptical or convinced I am in some sort of delusional state, and I even am picturing some of you that might feel this way right now. But beneath that, I can feel your love and support and I am realizing more and more that making these journeys into the unknown does us all good, shows us all that we’re taken care of.

During the ayahuasca journey, and on several occasions prior, I have had intensely vivid visions of a whole new world. An Earth that was Green and beautiful and where prosperity and abundance reigned. Where energy was free, where food was free, where everywhere you went there was a beautiful carnival. Where buildings were made of organic materials and street signs were not ugly and sharp and metal. Where everywhere you went people were hugging each other and staring into each other’s eyes, expressing deep love. Where street performing was the norm, where travelling and wandering were encouraged and expected. Where everyone’s gifts and talents were embraced, where no one thought they “had to” be anything other than exactly what they always dreamed of being.

As far as I can tell, the old world of fear and scarcity and greed and power is collapsing all around us. EVERYONE seems to know the politicians have been lying to us. EVERYONE seems to know that a protracted war shouldn’t have led to HIGHER gas prices. And the new world is being built as we speak. There is a green/eco-revolution happening. Google’s goal is to make all the world’s information free. Renewable energy will eventually be free. The tides are turning and we are seeing that there is a whole new world possible.

Whenever I am riding my bike and get behind some gas-guzzling coal truck, I picture a solar truck, delivering solar panels and not coal. I am convinced that the more we can each *SEE* this new world, the more we each act like this new world already exists, the more quickly we’ll see it. And it will be a world worth living in, and it is my goal to do everything in my power to bring that world into fruition.

I will be frequently photo-blogging this trip on my blog at www.britwolfson.com so feel free to stop by or subscribe by RSS or e-mail to keep up-to-date!


P.S. For those among you who actually read the whole thing, I want to say that switching to Raw Food (I’m on Day 31) has been the most unexpectedly profound shift I have ever made. I recommend it so highly I can hardly believe it. I have become a total raw food evangelist (only when people ask) and it’s definitely one of those things you have to try to believe. A 30-day raw trial is where it’s at and I say go for it.

P.P.S. Yes, during the ayahuasca journey, a voice said to me, “you don’t need your glasses anymore.” So for about 4 weeks, I’ve stopped wearing my glasses and I can hardly see anything, but life keeps moving along. It’s amazing, because not being able to see has had all of these wonderful benefits. I feel more free dancing because I can’t see people to wonder whether they are liking what I am doing or not. I smile all the time because I never know if the person I’m looking at is a friend that I just can’t see. 🙂 Moral of the story is that when life tells you to do things that are crazy, there are usually crazy
upsides as well!

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