On Apocalypse

“The greatest power requires the lightest touch. That’s why you hardly notice what you call God at all.” -Bashar

It dawns on me more and more each day that my all-too-human desires for mass die-offs, currency collapses, the huge monumental oil-spill-cum-tsunamiquake to end all natural disasters or at least some damn UFO disclosure might just not happen. Ever.

Disclosure may turn out to take years or decades and once it happens, it might have all proceeded so slowly that it’s like when your brother is suddenly six foot six. You didn’t even notice, because it happened so gradually and he was there in your face everyday, like so many blog postings. By the time you notice, it can barely even muster a meh.

It’s enough to make me cry. Or at least snicker.

It’s like… as I find miracles becoming nothing more than a daily part of my existence, as I find like-minded individuals everywhere I look, as I trade notes with others on alien abductions, etheric implants, Illuminati’d music videos, MK Ultra, and our various encounters with either Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus in some rain forest ceremony or another, it’s like… well… shit.. I thought I was like all special. What’s the dill son!?!?

It’s that lightest touch thing. This shift is happening so subtly, so under the surface, that you have to almost pull out a microscope to even see that it’s happening. Like, is it happening!? I mean, I think it’s happening?!?! Right!??! I mean, I keep seeing 11:11 like 27 times a day. I mean, I swear that this voice in my head told me that yah, she’ll show up later, don’t worry about it, no need to call, and like, there she is. Like magic or something.

And it just keeps happening. But like, isn’t the dollar about to collapse? Isn’t the administration about to collapse? Isn’t Sarah Palin gonna like become the next Fascist dictator in the perfect morphic resonant field of Mussolini, Franco, and uh-oh.. Hitler himself. Like, isn’t that shit gonna happen soon!!?

Isn’t Beyonce preparing us for martial law. Aren’t Lady Gaga and Jay-Z finally gonna admit that they’re full-on soul-sellers who have sold us all out in the name of the almighty green. Where is this heading?!??!

And man, the extraterrestrials. I swear they’re always communicating with me. I swear they’re gonna be here any day now. I swear every TV show and movie is about them. I swear disclosure is gonna happen any day now.

Which leads me to the big what-if.

What if it’s like happening and there’s not gonna be any big event that seals the deal. What if one day you wake up in the fifth dimension and you realize you’ve already been there for years, and at that point it barely registers anything more than a meh before you go off to start yet another amazing day of radical self-expression in your beautiful unconditionally loving community based on the evolutionary journey of the soul.

Why am I writing this though. There’s a whole other point to this that I’m trying to get to. Maybe I’ll just jump non-linearly straight to it. I mean, the ideas connect somehow. Like through a wormhole. Word.

The Earth is now fracturing right before our eyes into a series of parallel Earths. I’m gonna come out and just say that as fact. You can agree or disagree but I feel like it’s finally time for me to come out, be bold, speak loudly so that all can hear me, and just say it. Pretty soon people that aren’t of a pretty similar vibration to you are gonna start disappearing from your reality.

It is likely to happen so slowly that you almost never notice it. One day you will wake up in a totally different reality and remember vaguely this other life you used to live filled with other people that you no longer have anything to do with. You have very vague ideas of what they are up to, but by and large, they are memories, figments of your imagination.

For example, I find myself being guided, slowly but surely, to stop going into certain stores. One day I was inside of Ross, a sort-of like cheap name-brand clothing store, the Costco to your Neiman Marcus. Anyway, it begins to become all-too-overwhelming. The fluorescent lights, the zombiefied clientele and I begin to become uncomfortable. But shit, $10 Nike sweatpants are hard to beat right!? Suddenly, the voice in my head that tells me what to do says “Leave and never come back.”

And I’ve never gone back. It’s happened with several other big box stores, not to mention certain friends and family. It starts off innocently. Not enjoying the lighting or the complaint-oriented conversation. Months later, it moves on to actual distaste. Finally, it’s as though I can not take it any longer. It is physically painful. I can no longer be in that vibration, at which point the voice says something all dramatic like leave and never come back.

I can feel it happening. Each day I see people outside of my vibration less and less. I live in Los Angeles and ride the bus so I certainly see my fair share of humanity, but in places I frequent, it’s like we’re all the same. We all use Apple products, we all eat free-range, we’re all familiar with yoga, we all know the lingo of positive thinking and powers of now, and we’re all making conscious decisions in our lives to do things that we hope are making the world a better place.

I understand that at some level this is nothing new. But I feel like it is, if not new, then at least transformed. It is as though that vibration I speak of that seems to have started off with a bang in the 60’s has begun to solidify and there are now enough venues for one to live almost entirely inside of it. Everything from grocery shopping and restaurants to cafes to social venues and work spaces and fitness centers. There is less and less need to be around things that are not of my vibration.

To get to the point in a roundabout way, I remember early on when I realized that I did not have the evangelism gene. I was not the one on September 12 trying to tell everyone that it was a False-Flag operation, even though I suspected it probably was. I didn’t try to spread Zeitgeist after I saw it. The closest I’ve come is trying to spread Bashar, and even that is I hope mild-mannered. I say this because I see many people fighting losing battles to try to change their friends and family, to try to pull them into this new reality, with what is most of the time a very small degree of success.

To these people I say, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. To repeat, the Earth is currently fracturing. It is hard to see with 3-dimensional eyes but with 5-dimensional intuition it is clear as day. There are soon to be within decades parallel Earths that literally can not see each other. And if we spend too much time in Earths we don’t dig, trying to convince their inhabitants to come with us, don’t cry and complain if you just end up on an apocalyptic Earth, experiencing the most unimaginable things, cuz you couldn’t live and let live and let those people live their own lives and make their own choices.

Withdraw your energies from informational exchange systems that serve only to draw attention to the destruction of the old. Withdraw the energy of your attention from any form of media that keeps you ever conscious of the death cries of exploitive and manipulative systems. Do not be concerned with global negativity, but look to yourself, to your children, to your families and communities. There you will find the best news of all – that the time has come, and the Planetary being of which you are a part of at long last beginning to awaken and throw of the blankets of history.” -Starseed Transmissions

I consider myself a mad scientist. Mad because I feel internally about as tripped out and crazy and barely here as they come, and a scientist because I feel that the method of scientific experimentation, with measurable and repeatable results is the bomb. As such a person, I have done many tests including both the trying-to-pull-people-along and the just-delete-their-name-and-phone-and-email-from-your-contact-book-and-move-on-with-your-life and have found that unequivocally, ditching people provides the most stellar results. Sometimes the people appear years later, either inspired by who you have become or simply because of their own journey, and oftentimes they disappear forever. Either way, the vacuum created by their disappearance causes the universe to rush in and fill said vacuum (the universe abhors a vacuum) with people that are vibrational matches to who you currently are, not who you were 10 years ago or who your family thinks you should be.

So with that, I say, if you wanna love the world, love yourself. First and foremost, protect your vibration. Make that your mantra. Sometimes the most unconditionally loving thing you can do is to tell someone bluntly, maybe even with some yelling and screaming, that they are polarizing toward fear and negativity and then let them go. Let the little voice in your head be your guide.

I wrote this because I think it’s an oft-unexamined part of the new reality landscape. The fact that the Earth is fracturing. That for thousands of years since the Annunaki the experiment has been a blended Earth. That phase of the experiment is coming to a close as we begin our long march toward the (inner and outer) stars. Adding this perspective can allow you to feel OK letting people go. I say it all cavalierly now, but when I first began the process, letting people go was enough to make me cry. I mean, I really loved these people.

But like I learned from Quentin, the first time you kill a man is the hardest. Namaste.

You are not tame and to be confined in reverent concepts, but a vibrant, playful energy, the very soul and spirit of Life! You come to Earth not to be somber and devout, but to dance, sing and enjoy all that has been created. -Starseed Transmissions

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