On Auric Plate Armor

I started “studying” sexuality, in the formal, academic sense of the word, about a year ago now. One of the first books I read was Carol Queen’s wonderful Exhibitionism For the Shy. In this wonderful book which I really should read again, I was introduced to the name Wilhelm Reich. Seven crazy coincidences and lots of googling later, I realized that this Reich fellow was probably the most interesting person I had ever had the pleasure of reading about.

A student of Sigmun Freud, the original cokehead himself, Reich eventually split with his teacher and began extensive study of the orgasm. This led him in two directions–the first, into the discovery of an energy permeating the universe that he called “orgone”. The second was the theory of body armor as a defense mechanism. Reich started conducting psychotherapy sessions with clients in their underwear so that he could more easily notice what postures they held or how they squirmed as certain feelings were uncovered (or blocked).

Now, me, I am a dancer. All I ever wanted was just to be more flexible. It was really as simple as that. “Why are my hamstrings so tight?” I wondered. “Why can’t I do the splits?” As we all know (or are soon to know), there is no tendon connecting the legs to one another. If you can lift your leg to 90 degrees (which most of you reading this can), then theoretically you can do the splits. So why can’t you?? Fear.

So this Reich stuff was revelatory for me. Body armor. That sounds like the kind of thing that would keep one inflexible. And in my lighter and more focused moments of stretching, I did feel a certain block that seemed to be literally locked into place, as though releasing it would leave me, on a deeper level, naked.

So fast forward a year. I put healing as the number one priority in my personal life and Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light magically appears. This book not only brings Reich back up but expands on his information in ways quite astonishing to me.

Basically, Brennan uncovers not only that there is in fact body armor, but more specifically uncovers the specific types of armor as well as their location.

Now, at this point, if you don’t believe in energy or auras or chakras, just point your browser to some of my dance clips and eat that blue pill sitting on the table. Otherwise, let’s devle further.

So Brennan explains the seven basic chakras and the seven basic layers of the aura. The body armor we wear is literally real, in the same way that your shirt is real on the physical plane, on one of these auric levels and moreover, the body armor affects the functioning of the chakras in highly predictable ways. For instance, if you wear body armor on your pelvis (which many of you do by the way), you are covering up your sexuality and your connection to the Earth and sense of being grounded. This in turn shuts off energy to the second chakra which can really be seen as nothing more than an energy gate.

In a fully functioning human being, the orgone postulated by Reich and renamed the Universal Energy Field by Brennan passes into your own energy field through the chakras. If for some reason you block this energy, whether it be out of fear or due to trauma in this life or another, the energy literally begins to clog like so many arteries. This leads to a far lower level of functioning than is natural and ultimately can lead to physical disease.

The reason is that this physical plane is nothing more than a holographic projection of another plane made of nothing but energy (if you think I’m crazy, read some string theory or even just quantum physics). If there is blocking or gripping or disfiguration on this energetic plane, this will be projected and show up on the physical plane that we are more familiar with.

So now to jump back to me. A couple nights ago, I was lying in bed, trying to feel more and more clearly my chakras and to see their level of functioning. In addition, I was trying to feel each of the auric fields and determine where my body armor was held. As I went deeper and deeper into this scanning, I felt the layers of my auric field separate and clearly saw the body armor on one of the layers. My abilities are not refined enough yet to see which layer or to fully release the armor once and for all, but this experience was enough for me to realize that this “inflexibility” is not a PART of me. It is an energy field that, if released/dispersed, will lead to large and immediate gains in my physical flexibility.

Basically I am trying to show that ultimately, physical inflexibility is not “normal” or “natural” but is the direct result of energetic constrictions which appear on the physical plane as “tightness.” We can thus use the functioning of the physical plane as a means to determine the state of the energetic plane and thus aid in our process of healing. This revelation is a big step in that direction and I will keep you updated as it progresses.

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