On Bashar

There is really only one book I can recommend if we’re talking about #whatworks and how to create a new reality on this planet in a grounded, effective way. Interestingly, at first glance my book choice is about as out there as it gets.

First, it’s channeled. This immediately calls everything about it into question for many people. Second, it’s channeled from an extraterrestrial. Third, it’s channeled from a hybrid half-human, half-Zeta Reticuli alien who lives in a parallel dimension 300 years in our future on a planet in an entirely different star system between Sirius and Orion.

I mention all of this because if you’re not willing to hear the information because of the source, we should just get that out of the way before we begin.

The book, “Bashar: Blueprint for Change,” is a series of edited transcriptions of channeling sessions from Bashar, our aforementioned ET. The reason that I recommend this book above all others is that it contains several insights that are critical to grok before we begin actually digging things up and getting to the brass tacks of worldchanging.

The first insight is that matter is a property of consciousness, not the other way around. This means that this entire physical reality, including the screen you are reading this text on and the eyeballs you are using to read it, are crystallized consciousness. At the most fundamental level, consciousness precedes form and is thus of primary concern. The consciousness we bring to our work DIRECTLY affects the results of the work. We can not beat around the bush and *encourage* a cursory glance at our state of consciousness. We must realize that consciousness is PRIMARY. PRIMARY. PRIMARY.

Second, Bashar explains that because the universe is a fractalline, holographic construction, everything is obviously interconnected. Meaning that all of the seemingly disparate “things” in physical reality are, in effect, just one thing. For this reason, the entire universe operates on the principle of synchronicity. How could it not? It is just one thing! Synchronicity, meaning the meeting of two events in perfect coordination in space/time, is the fundamental operating principle of the physical universe. It is the pole around which the galaxies spiral. It is what the electrons spin around. It is all synchronicity.
What follows from this insight is that we don’t need to know how to do something, we don’t need to be overly concerned with plans, we just need to have a grand vision and then get to work and allow synchronicity to bring events into our life in perfect timing.

Bashar goes on to explain that the subatomic particles that the universe is made of are actually more accurately labeled sub-theonic particles, particles of God, and that these particles are made of love. I know as much as anyone reading this that times seem tough, the path seems dark and crooked and filled with shapeshifting demons who want to create a New World Order of chipped slaves. But this is not at all a necessary future. In fact, I can with full confidence say that for anyone who desires and sees and acts as if the reality they live in is one of love and cameraderie and sharing, this is the future they will come to see. For the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum physics, that there are an infinite number of infinitely branching parallel realities, is the reality. Meaning, there is no reality. And to return to our previous idea that consciousness is primary–it is YOU that decides which parallel reality you experience. It’s that simple.

One last piece of wisdom from Bashar. We are right now in a time of transformation–this is obvious to anyone looking and is the reason that we all chose to incarnate at this time–to transform. Let the dead bury the dead. Mourn not the crumbling of the old. Pay no attention to fear-mongers and proclamations of doom. Get to work building the new systems and watch as stunningly, in perfect timing, your new systems come into operation just as the old systems completely crumble.

And let your heart, your imagination, your excitement be your guide as to what systems you go about building. Within, all answers are known. Do not be paralyzed by indecision–just start working and trust that you will be taken, through synchronicity, on the quickest ride to the destination of your dreams.

As for me, my passion is sharing this information and being a living example of the fact that matter is not as it appears. To test this, last year I went to Bali without money and lived like a king for 3 months. I saw synchronicity in action. You can test this stuff. It is really quite real. My goal in life is to shine so bright and be so much myself that others go, gee, I think I’d like to do that, and to thus create a family and a world of such infinite diversity and love that we all just stop and look around in awe at what a magical creation we’ve helped bring into form. I also have a web series called “The Funkmeyer Show” with my wife Jenny. Let’s #makeithappen!

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