On Clairvoyance

I consciously became a psychic in 2006 under the tutelage of Debra Katz, author of “You Are Psychic” and founder of the International School of Clairvoyance in Los Angeles. Impressive sounding lol.

I unconsciously became a psychic in high school, when I realized I was better able to understand the problems someone was having with a certain class better than the teacher. I could just feel what they were having difficulty with. I could never explain it but it felt kind of uncanny, like I knew what they were going to say before they said it.

I didn’t realize that this is basically what being a psychic is at the time. I thought it was much grander–crystal balls and predicting the future and such. In fact, I would think that this attitude is so prevalent that it necessitates me really explaining what clairvoyance and psychicness really is and maybe more importantly, what it’s not.

It’s not reading someone’s mind–that’s telepathy; it’s not predicting the future–that’s prophecy; it’s not guessing what a number is–that’s parlor tricks. Being psychic is basically putting yourself into a sensitive, attuned state and then allowing your imagination to generates images, which often become stories, which often turn out to be very personally meaningful for the listener, whether that significance is archetypal or very literal.

And let’s be clear, there can be extremely literal images and stories that appear when you enter this state. My favorite and most impressive story in this regard occurred while Jenny and I were doing “Snap Judgment Psychic Readings” at an event in downtown LA called Burning Opera. Two people sat down and asked if they could have a reading together. They looked normal enough. I immediately saw what appeared to be some kind of sex dungeon. I don’t even know what a sex dungeon is but that’s what it looked like. I later learned that there are most certainly many real things in real life called sex dungeons.

I have learned to be completely objective and honest when I am working with someone as it is not my job to judge what I’m seeing, whether that’s rape, molestation, incest, pedophilia, murder, evil rituals, violence, sadomasochism, etc etc etc. I just say it as I see it. And in fact, that’s one of the most difficult parts about being a psychic–having the cojones to say shit like that. You try to tell someone you just met you see them groping at their little sister. I’ve definitely done easier things in my life.

So anyway, I tell this couple I see a sex dungeon and this long chain attached to their necks with black collars. He is whipping her and she is screaming in agony and ecstasy and he’s clawing at her and blah blah blah.

Anyway, I’m looking at them every so often as I see and say this stuff and they just have a blank look on their face. As usual, I feel like this crazy asshole who is just wildly making things up that these people can’t believe they’re hearing.

Instead, when I ask what they think, they say “That is so amazing! We met at a sex dungeon and have a chain just like the one you describe over our bed! And furthermore, I (the woman) am a professional dominatrix.”


These people looked normal. I wish I had taken a picture. There was nothing leathery or spiky or kinky about them at first glance. They could have just as easily told me they were engineers who played Yahtzee for fun and I would have believed them.

So, like, that does happen. You can literally see things. And for what it’s worth, the rest of that reading was about how I saw the woman helping shy, nerdy men through allowing them to assume positions/roles of power with her. I say this to demonstrate that first and foremost, these readings are not about parlor tricks, but about exploring the psyche and where good directions for the readee to explore might be found.

The Process of Clairvoyance

The actual techniques of clairvoyance are so minimal and simple that I can share them here in just several paragraphs. I must reiterate that the hardest thing about being psychic/clairvoyant is believing that it is 1) really happening and 2) this easy. It really feels hard to believe, especially considering it’s been seen as such a “big deal” in our civilization.

In fact, my most favoritest teacher Bashar says that terms like ExtraSensory Perception are no longer valid, as the real reality is that we have had these senses all along. There is nothing extra about them other than the fact that we didn’t realize we had them. Imagine if you didn’t know you could taste and then someone taught you how. You would have trouble believing it was so easy and natural since you had never experienced it before. But easy and natural it is.

I would say that the biggest reason that I personally needed a class/workshop/training/certification in the first place is just to have enough forced practice to believe that this was actually happening, repeatedly.

And once I realized it was real, I even stopped going. It was like, oh, that’s it. There’s nothing more to it than this. I still received my certification cuz I had demonstrated adequate proficiency I suppose. But from that point forward, I realized that it was really just this simple thing:

Being psychic is understanding that your imagination is real and reporting on the images and stories that your imagination is producing… once you have gotten into the state using the basic techniques.

The Techniques

The first technique involves determining the color of the crown chakra. Right now, I get a lavender-gray for my own crown chakra. What is the color of your crown chakra? Just feel it. There’s really nothing more I can say than that. You can say “I don’t know” til the cows come home but the truth is that you do know, you’re just scared to say it. That’s ok, but don’t come crying to me about it.

So, once you’ve determined the color of your own crown chakra, you now want to create a forcefield around you. For me, this looks something like a golden light in the shape of a NASA spacesuit that is also hard and flexible. Nothing can come in. There’s often a sphere around it as well. Other people see steel cubes, a web of impenetrable material, a glass sphere, et cetera ad infinitum. Whatever you see, go with it.

Now, you want to connect your root chakra/perineum to the center of the Earth. I see a giant rope cable making this connection. Other people see tree trunks or glass tubes or a cord of white light. Again, whatever works homies.

Now, you want to close your eyes and go into your third eye aka your forehead. Imagine a screen in your forehead that you can project images onto. Now, imagine that there’s a light switch that turns on a light that illuminates the screen. Turn on the light. Now you have this bright screen. Picture a car appearing on the screen. Now destroy the image of the car. Picture it exploding, poofing out of existence, dissolving, etc. Now picture a red rose. Now destroy the rose. Now a white rose. Destroy it. Gold rose. Destroy it. Glass rose. Destroy it. This is part of the calibration, getting warmed up to creating/allowing images and then destroying them so they don’t stick around in your energy field. I don’t know if the roses have any significance but they were how I was taught to calibrate and I figure if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

In terms of doing stuff for you to set yourself up, that’s it. The end. Finito. 4 things.

Now we get to the psychic reading part, which involves just a couple more steps. The first is that you ask the person you are reading for their permission to read them. Once you have this, you create a bridge in your mind from your crown chakra to their crown chakra. I always see something Japanese. Your mileage may vary.

Now, you read the color of their crown chakra. Again, whatever you see. Now, you match your own crown chakra color to the color of their crown chakra. So, if yours was gray and you see that theirs is yellow, you make yours yellow.

The Actual Reading

Now, you take some breaths, and allow an image or story or sound (clairaudience) to form in your mind. Maybe it will just start as a color or a feeling. Just report on what you are seeing. The reporting is the part that makes the next thing unfold. If you don’t have the cojones to report on what you see/hear/feel/smell, nothing more will happen and you will think the process isn’t working.

You are wrong. It’s working. You’re just too scared to say it. Don’t come crying to me.

Once you get over that, you just keep going until you feel that there’s nothing more to say. You can ask if they have any specific questions or issues they want to work with or you can just report on what you see. Those are all just different kinds of fun games that give different and equally interesting results.

That’s it

It’s amazing to me that I am both psychic as shit and that this is a terrifyingly mundane skill. I believe that it is possible that at some level “I am gifted” but I think if anything, I have a gifted ability to just say what I see without holding back and that this ability highly correlates with “psychic proficiency.”

Clairvoyance has done wonders for my life in so many ways but there’s really just one to focus on. It has made me trust myself. I just go with what I feel. I understand now very tangibly that the imagination is a real thing, a real dimension of experience where a broader version of myself who has access to a larger picture than I can see lives, and the advice and images and urges I get from this source invariably turn out to be better than what I do on my own, so now I just listen. I believe in my imagination. I believe that if I see myself juggling, that’s not random. I start juggling. I just follow it where it leads. And my life gets better and better and better and better.

The end.

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  1. Word!!!! Thank you for putting it out there so clear, clean and eloquently. Dat really sharing! One other thing your teacher did was introduced you to yo wife. Lol! Bravo!

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