On Extraterrestrial Existence

So it’s a couple hours before my show and I am feeling this sort of malaise. I’m gonna write it out here because I find that this helps me and you all seem to find it valuable at times. I am creating now, on my path, doing my thing, and well, so what? My friend Tamara told me about this warehouse filled with boxed paintings that people had labored over and on and on and on and you get the drift. They’re all just in boxes in a nameless warehouse now. It feels a little meaningless.

On top of that, there’s this desire in me to do magnificent work, to do things of importance, to really transform the world. And here I am performing for a handful of people at a library in a small town in Bali. I understand that this is all some downer shit but it’s nice for me to share.

The real thing is the movie VV and I are working on. It’s finally hitting me that there are about an infinity number of ways to tell a story and stories to tell and it’s freaking me out and I want to tell a “good” story, a story that “matters,” and I’m finding it debilitating. But when I just let go and tell something that seems fun or good or nice, it feels so trivial that I’m kicked back into this meaninglessness thing.

So basically, I’m a little confused. I’m sure it will pass because it just came on right before I sat down to write anyway, but it feels important to me.

Do I even like to make movies? Why do I think I’m so important to transform the world? Does everyone want to do this? All I know is that it feels like a tight rope at the moment. If I get too self-important, I am debilitated and can’t enjoy anything and thus can’t create. But if I’m too self-unimportant and shits and giggles and all that, I am thrust into existentialism. So I’ll do my best to keep on keeping on.

Living a life of luxury has made me see that yes, a life of luxury is quite nice, and no, I’m not particularly attached to it. It seems to have nearly as many downsides as upsides, in the keeping up with the Jones’s sense of things.

I’m going to go back to joy now, thanks for listening:

I have to say that this is a surprising thing for me to be writing or speaking about or even interested in. This is not a subject that I remember fascinating me as a child and I have generally regarded myself as fairly dismissive of wild theories or non-materialistic matters.

Several years ago, I became interested in certain spiritual information that I later found out was “channeled.” Channeled information is that which is supposedly downloaded from some other consciousness when a meditative state is entered. The consciousness then speaks through the person channeling and says whatever they feel like saying.

What struck me so much about the information was how pertinent it was to my lived experience of life. Nothing airy-fairy, no catastrophic predictions or heralds of future spaceships, but the nuts and bolts of reality. How to be happy, how to be successful, how to enjoy yourself and your life. This is the type of information that I *have* always been interested in and so it was quite shocking when the information I found most resonating with me came from someone who claimed to be, in effect, a telephone for an alien.

At first, I tried to deny this or avoid it or just not think much about it. But after a while, it just felt like it was starting me in the face and it was something that I had to take a deeper look at. What I found is fascinating, exciting, and speaks to the shift that we as a humanity are right in the middle of, waking up to our galactic heritage and to a broader conception of ourselves, of reality, and of the universe we live in.

The information that I would like to share with you sounds straight out of a science fiction movie and the best answer I can come up with for that is: Where did the science fiction movies come from?

What is our imagination? Why did we even think of aliens? Why does this fascinate so many of us? Why do they make so many movies about these subjects? Why are we as a planet spending billions of dollars looking for signs that we’re not alone?

I would like to share some stories and present them as nothing more than thought experiments. Interesting ideas that at the very least are “cool” to ponder.

The reason that this subject has continued to interest me and why I find it worthy of getting up on a stage and discussing is that it has the possibility to awaken our imaginations, open our minds to possibilities that we had never considered. It dares us to think bigger, dream larger, see the world we abide in in a new way, and I think that all of this expansion leads us into a direction that we all deep down want to go in.

Towards hope, towards joy, towards community, towards harmony, and towards possibility.

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