On Illusion

Shockingly, stunningly, and obviously, I did it. I made it in Bali for an entire month with 0 dollars. Yes, that’s right, 0 dollars. I have spent exactly 0 dollars and 0 cents since being here and I think that I have lived more fully and more expansively and eaten better than I ever have in my life. I have met more amazing people than I would have 2 years ago hoped to meet in my entire life. All without glasses or a plan or a change of clothes or any idea where I was going to stay many many days. And I was 100% raw. I didn’t even scrounge.

And now, with conviction, with belief, with understanding, I can say. THE WORLD ISN’T REAL. YOU ARE SIMPLY A COLLECTION OF BELIEF SYSTEMS. WHAT YOU BELIEVE=WHAT YOU EXPERIENCE 100%.

I am so happy to have gone through this experience and to know now for the rest of my life that whatever I want to do, I can do. If I can’t do it, it’s simply because my current belief systems aren’t ready for it.

The interesting twist of the whole experience is that a few days ago, my inner voice revealed to me that it was not time for me to leave Bali and that I will be here indefinitely. That this was not just some “whim” I was following. And that Bali is now my home. I don’t think that means I will live here all the time, but apparently, Los Angeles has just become a place I visit.

Things have unfolded so rapidly and so perfectly and with such mind-altering synchronicity that I find myself stunned into speechlessness at least once every few days. Effortless is the word that comes to mind. The more I relax, the more I know that I am on the right path, the more beautiful and easier it gets.

So this first month here was all about extroversion. I am officially no longer even remotely shy. I was just talking to people and introducing myself to people at a rate of like 20 per day most days. At the same time, there were still down days but even these flowed so effortlessly. I would just curl up for a couple days and let another old part of me die and then hop right back out. I see now that even difficult growth doesn’t have to be “painful” in the way that it is so often labeled.

But now a new journey begins unfolding. Great, you can throw it all away and have no material possessions and be totally taken care of by the Source. But now, can you be a man. Stand on your own two feet. Have your own place. Be successful as a performer and a teacher and a psychic (yes, I am a trained psychic and this has been calling me since I’ve gotten here) and really make something of yourself in the world.

I just wanted to be Peter Pan my whole life. Well I did it. I Peter Pan’ed the shit out of life. I have never heard of anyone who did it better or so fearlessly. I am proud of myself. But life, like a video game, says, great, you passed Level 3. Now it’s time for Level 4. New rules, new objectives. Make it happen.

My intentions for this month are to establish myself as a dancer and performer here in Bali and to begin a private psychic practice and to run a workshop on unlocking the inherent psychic abilities that all humans have due to the whole holographic universe thing.

The trip has also been a lot about reintegrating with nature and I intend to continue on that journey as well. Work in a garden, be naked even more (I was naked a LOT this month by the way), and just keep falling in love with myself and life on deeper and deeper levels.

Everything I wrote to you guys (except the private jet) happened. So effortlessly.

Please live your dreams. Live them big. If you are too scared, honor yourself and figure out why it’s so scary and keep moving forward. This life can be absolutely anything you can imagine. Think big, think huge, think so big that it seems insane. I promise you that it works. I have seen it fully now.

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