On Inner Changes

For those who see it, the world is changing faster than ever. This is probably most obvious technologically, as the web and ever more powerful cell phones transform life as we’ve known it for millenia and millenia and millenia. Less obvious, but just as dramatically, we are experiencing a spiritual revolution. It is less obvious because it is under the radar and is happening on an individual basis. It is a leaderless, faceless movement, composed of millions of people who are waking up to the fact that they are more beautiful, more powerful, and more expansive than they had ever dreamed.

Those who may have previously dismissed this article as more new-age mumbo jumbo may be changing their tune, as the movie “The Secret” spreads like wildfire to a world ready to hear its message. There is a law operating in the universe, a law that has ALWAYS been operation, and it goes like this: what you think about expands.

Sounds simple, but it has profoundly dramatic implications. Such as, you create your reality. Such as, you have the power to be, do, or have anything you can possibly imagine. Such as, your imagination is REAL, as real as the eyes you use to read these words or the screen or paper you read them on. Such as, it is possible for you to be so happy you dance in the streets, so rich you don’t know what else to do with your money but give it away, so healthy you realize you could live forever. Such as, we can create a world where this is the day-to-day reality of everyone on Earth. And that the only thing we need to do to create such a world is to imagine it en masse.


Sounds like wishful thinking. Sounds like someone has stepped way into denial. Sounds like someone is living in a fantasy land bound to crumble sooner or later. Perhaps. But what about this. What if both are true. What if we are powerful and we are weak. What if we have the possibility for great joy AND we are sad. What if we have the potential to all be wealthy beyond belief AND we scramble to pay rent. Because in the new world, in the new physics, the key word is AND–the word OR is about to get the door shut in its face.

And the word that best sums up the power of AND thinking is Integration. Integration is the process of blending, of taking what was once fractured and of making it whole. Physics is showing us in greater and greater detail each day that the world that seemed to be so solid is nothing more than a projection of our minds. Each of us, fragments of the same whole, projects our consciousness into the universe and sees what we see. We each feel like we are *the* seer and the others are simply that–others.

But this “others” thinking is really what every single issue we face as individuals, as nations, and as a global society boils down to. Each of us, and all of us, have bought into the idea that we are in some way separate from each other. And because we are each fragments of the same whole, we each experience this feeling of separation in some form or another.

Which brings us to honesty. To deny this truth, that we feel separated, that we feel fractured, only further embroils us in the very pain that we long to be free of. It is only through honesty, through stopping and taking a breath and truthfully expressing how we REALLY feel, that we integrate and become whole once again. This means not just expressing day-to-day feelings like “Work was good” or “This food sucks” but rather getting way down deep into the feelings that we are sure none of the “others” would like if they found out we felt.

For in reality, all of the things we each fight against, whether they are war, various politicians, injustice, or corruption, are merely outer manifestations of the lies we tell ourselves. Of the way we are corrupt in hiding certain information about ourselves from ourselves. Of the way we think we should only tell the “others” certain things–wouldn’t want to make them mad or sad or feel too bad. So the outer changes we look for are NOTHING BUT inner changes. It is not whether one is more or less important, it is that they are identical things, appearing to be separate because of the state of consciousness we are in.

And the beauty of inner changes is that they can occur much faster and yet they have the same impact as outer changes do–in fact, they are what CAUSE outer changes.

And this brings us back full circle to positive thinking. So while some may have felt that to only focus on the good, to only see the sunny side is childish or unrealistic, we are now being given the opportunity to see that once we are honest about where we are and the choices we have made to get us where we are, we now have the POWER and the FREEDOM to make new, more empowered choices, choices that are respectful first and foremost to ourselves and because of that, are always respectful of the whole, those that appear to be “others.”

This power that we have to choose and thus create our reality with our thoughts, is getting more and more apparent as the changes occurring all over the Earth accelerate. This is well in line with many ancient teachings, including that of the Mayans, who prophesied (quite scientifically I might add) that this was going to culminate in a massive change centered on December 21, 2012. But that’s a whole other topic.

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