On Mayan Cosmology

Here was the program for the second show I did. It was Wednesday and the theme was Mayan Cosmology. The shows have gone really well. The amazing thing is that I am *finally* having the courage to do what Bashar told me to do all along: do what is my highest joy, simply because it is my highest joy. Not because I think it will make me rich or famous or will pay the bills, but simply because it’s who I am.

I LOVE DOING THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING! Just get me on a stage, any stage, and I will do my spiel! And people are enjoying it! Next Monday’s show is on Extraterrestrial Existence. Improv Everytime (get it?).

I am really happy here, VV is here, life unfolds, I am thinking a lot about STORY and MYTHOLOGY and ARCHETYPES and ASTROLOGY these days and I have become a *MEAN* raw food chef. On the real.

Going to the gym a lot, getting a little buffness going on, it all just keeps unfolding. I am finally on the path that I always wanted to be on and it is a happy, happy, rewarding, fulfilling place to be:

I want to share with you tonight some of the things that I have
learned about Mayan cosmology. Growing up in a modern Western society, the idea of cosmologies seems at best mythical and at worst the work of cranks and primitives.

Hidden beneath this judgment is the ignorance of the fact that we too have a cosmology of our own: a scientific, Catholic cosmology that was constructed, not as God-given or absolute as it is presented to us to be.

What this means is that we have a certain conception of time and how this time plays out in our lives, on our Earth, throughout our solar system and galaxy, and ultimately throughout the three-dimensional universe in which we see ourselves abiding.

This is important because the cosmology that we subscribe to gives us a certain sense (as do all cosmologies) of how life works, and perhaps more specifically, how TIME works.

In our current cosmology, which I will refer to as Gregorian
cosmology, we have a conception of time that is focused on the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. This is a very regular, linear rotation that repeats every 365 “days,” where a day is seen to be the time it takes from one sun rise to the next.

As we have all grown up under this cosmology, we are often ignorant of the effect that it has on us, the world view that it engenders. I would argue that this world view is one that views life as a linear, random process where change is unpredictable and cycles continue indefinitely.

The Mayans have a completely different cosmology, based around the Earth’s rotation around not only the sun, but also around the Galactic Center, which they refer to as Hunab Ku. Two important things follow from this Mayan cosmology. The first is that we are part of a much larger picture, a galactic picture. The second is that time is not a linear process but is instead a fractalline process, where the same cycles repeat, but at different intervals of time.

From this cosmology, the Mayans deduced that a great shift was to occur when the Sun became conjunct (aligned) with the Galactic Center, on the Winter Solstice in the year of 2012.

Their cosmology predicted a gradual awakening of consciousness to its heritage beyond the Earth and the solar system, to its rightful home at the center of the galaxy.

Scientists have found that it appears to be a black hole that resides in the galactic center. This is interesting due to the fractal
mathematics involved.

If we take a piece of bread, and chop it in two, and then again, and again, and again, we can continue this process infinitely if we have instruments of sufficient precision. The piece of bread will become infinitely small, though we will never reach a point where this is “no bread.” This is basically how a black hole works. Matter is sucked deeper and deeper into the hole, accelerating towards infinity, but never reaching an end point. It is an infinite process of ever-faster free-falling.

This is what the Mayan Calendar predicts will happen to consciousness. The cycles will be split, infinitely smaller and smaller, as we approach this alignment with the galactic center, until we are thrown into speeds that approach infinity.

As we are currently locked in a cosmology that denies the reality of fractal mathematics and infinite acceleration, this is a tough pill to swallow. Thus, the systems based on Gregorian cosmology will have to shift as we approach this time. Already, we are watching economies and resources and systems that were viewed in a linear nature become increasingly problematic, while at the same time, new systems, such as the Internet, that embrace this other cosmology, flourishing.

The purpose of this acceleration is awakening. Awakening to the
reality of who we really are and of the dream that we find ourselves co-creating. It is an exciting time to be alive!

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