On Momentum

The first thing to do here is to say that this one is definitely a little bit more about me and what I’m doing. If you read these for your own life and are not interested in mine, you might just wanna skim this. Just a heads up.

My Life

My life is good right now. Calmly, steadily, actively good. I feel an expanding sense of momentum. I have multiple videos coming out each week, new songs getting better and better, scripts written, hiring actors and crew, running a weekly open mic that is super rad, and collaborating very well for the first time with my partner Jenny, both in our school Parallel University in Downtown LA and in our TV-show-to-be, the Funkmeyer Show.

I am performing more than ever. Getting a lot of creative ideas off my chest and into reality. Many of them just burn up and fade away–it seems that doing them one time was all that I really wanted but the others become more tightly focused. Directions reveal themselves steadily.

A Quick Interlude as to How This is Useful to You

I have found more and more that the best way to find your purpose and direction in life is to just start crossing things off the list. All those things that you had backlogged for what you might want to do one day–just turn into a fiend and start checking them off lists. Kinky sex stuff, global travel, creative ideas, things you’ve always wanted to say to people or to reveal. Just go do them as soon as possible. What will happen is that most of them will just disappear. Once you do them even a little, you realize you’re not really into it and you will be left with fewer and fewer passions. As time goes by, there will be only a few things left that you have any interest at all in doing. And there’s your life purpose. The end.

The beauty of doing it this way is that you don’t have to figure anything out. Start anywhere. Things eliminate themselves. You will just naturally lose interest in more and more things. If you don’t get super bummed by this process and just keep rolling with the punches, you will realize that this is wonderful. You will realize that this is what clarity looks like. You know what you want to do because you tried all the other things and you now know, experientially, that you don’t actually want to do them. You mostly just liked the ideas.

Back to Your Man Now Back to Me

So for me, it’s like, I did the circus thing. I did the going around the world thing. I did the hippie thing and the cool guy thing and the Burning Man thing and the hip hop thing and now they’re all fading away and it’s like. Oh yah. I know what I’m here to do. I went through all the scenes I had any interest in being a part of and what’s left is me. My vision. I’m not interested in finding some other project or going somewhere else. I have hella ideas and nothing stopping me. No conflicting desires. So it’s time to take those ideas and run into the history books.

How Do You Actually Go About Doing This

So it’s all nice to have ideas and everything but then the rubber meets the road. You get all excited and start things and then it’s hard to keep up the momentum. Well, that’s why we grew up with that whole tortoise and the hare thing. It’s because it’s real. Slow and steady wins the race, especially when you’re racing in the race you actually want to win, which is like 80% of the problem in the first place. Most people are competing in a race that they won’t actually be happy that they won if they did win it. So don’t do that.

Here’s how I’m doing it. I started in July by writing a newsletter once a month. You are now reading the ninth newsletter. This became my first steady, regular creative expression. Then I started writing an essay once a week. I’ve probably written 30 or so by now. Then I started performing once a week. Then I started making videos again. Then I started making songs again. Then I started running an open mic. Each of these things were small steps and it didn’t even occur to me to start doing the next one until I was bored by the amount of output that I currently had. Once I got bored, it’s like, I need to do more so that I’m not bored. And that’s how you build momentum. It’s like weightlifting.


I have also started weightlifting, which has been such a wonderful practice for me in my life. I primarily do four barbell lifts at this point: the back squat, the deadlift, the standing shoulder press, and the bench press. I recommend weightlifting more than any other form of physical exercise as a place to begin and recommend the book “Starting Strength” and the YouTube channel “strengthcamp” as the best resources in existence.

I proudly have gotten my deadlifts and squats up to 135 which means a big plate on either side. It would have been hard for me to imagine doing this in my entire life a couple months ago. But that’s all it took. A couple months. And that’s what I see about momentum. It doesn’t actually take that long if you’re willing to humble yourself and just start at the bottom rung. All of a sudden, I can do pullups too (not chinups but real pullups). I’ve never been able to do a pullup in my entire life and now I can just do it. It’s weird. It’s like. How can I do this? I don’t feel that much different. But I can apparently now do things I didn’t used to be able to do.

That’s the great thing about this kind of momentum. The changes are almost unnoticeable. You just keep going and the rest happens all on its own.

Sharing my output

In my own mind, I’m generally not a very big self-promoter, so I tend to just write things and not try to add those “oh by the way, check this out” gimmicks that are so common. But I’ve made quite a few things, mostly videos, in the past couple months that I’d like to share with you. Most of them are pretty short (which I like) and I think they are pretty fun. Check them out at your leisure:

Funkmeyer Sketches:

Home Depot Baby Talk Dictionary: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=wLBcMYk_mIE

Cancún Freestyle Synchronicity Travel:

You Have to Fight Podcast:

Zeik the Sheik the Compost Freak:

Dance Videos:

Otis Dancing in Hollywood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DyREx_yrZc&list=UUaEZICX0vbMbXiwTdapUD-g&index=10

Legion of Extraterrestrial Dancers Otis with Sabela Grimes:

Tulum Live Looping Dancing Beat Boxing:

Spiritual Videos:

Jenny Funkmeyer’s Breathe In Breathe Out Meditation:

Procrastination: http://soundcloud.com/otisfunkmeyer/procrastination/s-wPIKx


On Authority: http://www.otisfunkmeyer.com/on-authority/
On Anal Healing: http://www.otisfunkmeyer.com/on-authority/
My Favorite Possession–My Folding Bike: http://www.otisfunkmeyer.com/folding-bikes-the-best-things-on-earth/

What More Can I Say?

I intend for this to be the very very tiny early steps in the amount of momentum I’d like in my life. In my dream life, I’d be shooting videos and writing scripts and performing and making music and working pretty much constantly. Making videos and shows that I think are super rad and help introduce the fifth-dimensional intergalactic funkonsciousness to more and more people.

I feel like the most important thing for me to maintain this momentum and keep building on it is to stay calm. Not get too excited. Not get too carried away. Not go running out and telling people how great everything is going to be. Just keep saying yes to opportunities that are exciting, keep working hard, keep taking care of what’s on my plate, play my position, and not worry too much about how anything I’m making is being received. Just keep moving forward, breathing deeply.

As I like to say, the doors are wide open at this point. It has never been easier at any point in human history to live your dreams. In fact, I think compared to the olden days, it’s downright easy. I get the feeling more and more that the people I’m writing to, the people that resonate with what I’m saying, are already in the thick of it, living their dreams. I like that. That’s the world I want to live in. Surrounded wholly by people living their dreams. That’s a good world. A world worth bringing into fruition.

And so it muthafuckin is.

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  1. LOVE <3 Read everyone since you signed me up & I am LOVING reading them so much – the best bit of all is that you are so vulnerable, honest & real & I love you for that. You rock. You really f-ing rock mr. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. been observing you since the beginning Otis. You have been on one hell of a ride huh?
    Your evolution is quite obvious. (to me anyway) Enjoying observing and thanks for sharing.

  3. Love it, Otis!  Yes, momentum seems to be a common theme right now.  I’ve been saying over the last month or so that I feel a current building under my life raft–which, without even noticing, had turned into a life boat (still relatively unstable and adventurous compared to the Titanic, but a heck of a lot more stable than a freakin’ raft–I think Pie would agree! ;).  From navigating the high seas of uncertainty, feeling thrown around, thrashing about in epic storms, to noticing a sort of rythm and gathering of the chaos, forming what I now recognize as a current–moving me in an actual direction, I’m feeling a part of something–the larger picture, perhaps.  I feel a glimpse of what’s to come, yet not needing to see the destination ahead.  Knowing it’s out there and that I am being accompanied is enough for now.  I can walk all the way to Canada one step at a time and though I can’t see it from here, I know its there.  So too is my destination–my destiny.     
    ~ Galactic Betty xo

  4. I love your honest and sincere videos Jenny….and you´re absolutely right…love should always feel good…if doesn´t it´s not love….it´s attachment and fear of the unknown….totally true…thank you for reaffirming that truth within me!

  5. I’m with you Otis.  Slow & mostly steady.  Am noticing that just because I think of a creative project, it doesn’t mean there is real energetic juice for it. As you say, just starting it can be helpful, or even going inward to check it out beforehand. Looking forward to watching the videos. I’ve been weightlifting too at a weekly 6am strength class. It’s hard to be the weakest one – but someone needs to be, and then again I am the most flexible there.  Grateful you are sharing. Sending Love

  6. Thanks Otis;)
    On this note, I am calling one of my boss and will quit one of my job that I tried, it was nice to teach at a gym of a pharmaceutical company and see the kind of people there but I am done..making moves for more creativity!

    • That’s awesome! Only way to figure out is to try! That actually inspires me to try more commercial things and see for myself if I like it rather than just assuming I won’t. Keep on keepin on 🙂

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