On Preying Mantis Aliens

This is another one of those thangs that I’ve wanted to write for a very long time. This is a story that took place right around Christmas in the year of our lord 2007. Jenny had dragged me to a vipassana meditation retreat (thanks mahco!).

This is one of my absolute most out there stories and if I had heard this before I was about 26, I would have thought that the person writing it was clearly delusional and mistaking things that went on in their head for reality. So, if you are like that, you can just read this as a wonderful work of fiction.

Perhaps some of the information at the end may make you wonder if truth might just be stranger than fiction, but I’ll leave that part up to you.

Setting the Stage

When this encounter occurred, I was already way into aliens. I had also already had many crazy synchronicities occur in my life. I was on the verge of a big change as well, getting ready to move across the country and street perform in the subways of New York. I thought it would probably be very good for me to have a little rest and relaxation before the big move.

I had no intention of having anything crazy happen during the retreat. I thought some issues might arise, but lawd knows I thought they would be a lot more mundane (early childhood stuff) than this.

Vipassana: Scanning the Body

So so so so, I’m at Vipassana and it’s day 5. Traditional Vipassana retreats are 10 day affairs, all meditation, all the time. No talking, no reading, no writing, no looking at people. Nothing. Just meditate meditate meditate. Things had already started going fairly weird. The technique involves repeated scanning of the body looking for “noise” and I had plenty of noise. I felt things like scrap metal and gears and oil dumping out of my body and as I did so, there would be major sensations in my body. Muscles that had been tense would all of a sudden almost *pop* and release all tension as I felt all of these different things pouring out of them. It was incredibly strange and amazing.

One of the more challenging aspects of the vipassana retreat is what are called “sits of determination.” During these twice-daily seated meditations, the idea is to not move a muscle. To sit completely still for an hour and use willpower to overcome restlessness. This is way more difficult than it sounds, and I’m sure it sounds super difficult as is.

So after a few times of doing these sits of determination, I begin noticing that as I scanned my body up and down, I couldn’t help but use my physical eyes. So as I scan my feet, I start to subtly look down, physically.

All of this is happening with my eyes closed. I realize I’m looking down cuz my neck starts to hurt. It’s getting hard to sit still. Like my head is weighing me down. In desperation, I hatch a plan.

What if rather than scanning my body, I were to draw an image of myself in my mind’s eye, about six feet out in front of me, and scan that! Because it was farther away, I wouldn’t have to tilt my neck so much! Eureka!

So I do exactly this. I draw a version of me-in-my-mind’s-eye as I scan and am congratulating myself at my own cleverness when something strange begins to happen. When fully drawn and fleshed out after a complete scan, the version of me out in space begins to move on its own accord. It’s very unnerving.

I understand that this all sounds very made up and imaginary but for your sake, imagine that this is happening to you. Your imagination has begun to come to life. It’s like looking in the mirror and then the you in the mirror starts moving. And also keep in mind that I had been talking to no one for 5 days, just alone with my breath and my scanning.

So the me-in-my-mind’s-eye gets up and I begin to notice a twicthing in this mind’s-eye-me’s butt. Like something is moving around in there.

And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my guru and guru’s guru Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar appear next to my mind’s-eye-me. They quickly stand on either side of him, grab his shoulders, and Sri Yukteswar reaches inside his butt and pulls out a lizard.

It was SUPER freaky, jarring, and shocking.

And then, right out of the Matrix, the lizard transforms into some kind of syringe looking thing and I am immediately flashed back to a night in this life when I was five, asleep in my bed, and lights came on outside my house and these aliens appeared in the window and stuck this thing into my butt.

Upon returning from said flashback, the scene changed immediately and this giant preying mantis appeared, in front of a very bleak landscape. He telepathically told me not to to worry and that the tracking device that had been installed inside of me was now quite passé and if I would just let them, they could install a much more svelte device in my forearm that I would hardly notice.

For reasons unknown to me, I immediately asked in response if they wanted the enslavement of all humanity, to which they (to their credit) honestly responded, “Yes.” I then followed up with the rebellious “I will never work with you!” and thus a four day galactic war began.

The next four days

The next four days felt to me like a life and death battle between me and these aliens. I am quite aware (and even almost proud) of how crazy this sounds, like just another nutjob who took too much acid and thinks his imagination is real. Except, as we learned, the imagination is real. So, at least for me, the experience of what was occurring was every bit as real as the experience of my fingers running over this keyboard typing these letters right now. Same ish, different day.

I felt like if I relaxed at all, then I would be possessed. I felt this very intuitively and strongly. I felt very much as though my will was being tested. And so, on I fought.

As an aside, I later found out that around the same time, one of my closest friends went into a mental institution. At the depth of his fracturing, while drooling he relayed to a mutual friend that a being had appeared in his mind wanting to fight one night. My friend hesitated rather than fighting and now found himself institutionalized. To this day, I am glad I fought.

I tried everything I could think of, from bombing to peace, from nuclear to lasers, and finally won the war by dropping the dharma onto their homeworld.

And then I slept like a baby.

It Gets Stranger

I got home and was shocked about what had happened. The sort of key to all of this, that I have in true literary fashion held from you until now, goes like this.

I had always had tight hips. I was acutely aware of this being a dancer. It was frustrating and a source of constant struggle. When Sri Yukteswar pulled the lizard out of my butt, my hips opened. For the next six days, I could basically do the full splits and had a full 180-degree turnout. My body was more open and limber than it had ever been and has ever been since. I thought it would last forever but it did not… I have no answers.

The physical change in my flexibility from an event that happened in my mind sealed the deal for me that something very real had happened.

Upon returning, at some point I started to do what I do. I Googled preying mantis aliens, which you can do right now if you so choose. And what I found was quite surprising to me to say the least. The most all-in-one link is here btw.

It turns out that many people, some through abduction experience, some through DMT or other entheogen ingestion, have incredibly significant encounters with preying mantis aliens. Some people’s experiences are very dark like mine, but just as many are incredibly benevolent and growth-producing.

This reminds me a lot of when I had my first flashback to being tortured in a Nazi concentration camp and later Googled concentration camp past lives and found that tens of thousands of people have had these experiences as well.

To me, that means that there is something to this. Because I know from my own experience that I was not even remotely familiar with any idea of preying mantis aliens at the time. So when I found out I was not only not crazy but not even remotely alone, for me, truth became much stranger than fiction.

The final nail in this particular coffin came when I found out two years later, while reading his book True Hallucinations, that my own hero Terence McKenna had experienced a life-altering mantis encounter that he was almost too nervous to write about, due to how crazy it sounded.


This was a major integration for me. First, that I have likely been involved in a larger scheme of things since very early in this life. And then just taking in that experiences like this could even happen. And feel so real. And be so strange. And blast open my ideas of what is possible.

I have since integrated this experinece and others and have reclaimed my identity as The Galactic Activator, here to remind those who are ready yet still unaware, to what their true(r) identity actually is.

Why I Write This

I’m not particularly concerned with whether this story is seen as “real.” I write as a reporter. This experience, from my perspective, happened like this. Take it as fiction if you like. Whatevs, bruh.

I write this for my peoples who have had similar experiences and who are looking for answers and wondering if they’re crazy. Well, you may be crazy, but it’s not because of this. What happened to you was likely very very real and has personal signficance to you. I would say that in one way, shape, or form, the vast majority of these types of experiences are designed to wake you up from the matrix of consensus reality and to begin or accelerate your progress of reclaiming your galactic identity.

And with that said, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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  1. I thought your hips opened up through another experience. Anyway, you once shared about your hips on my blog. 

    I feel I may have offended you some how.I don’t think its crazy. I talked to the “Great porcupine” once. A bunch of porcupines gathered at an empty cabin in the woods, that had been a warming cabin, during the winter. But now it was spring and so I decided to camp there. I shooed a couple porcupines out that had chewed a hole in the door and crawled inside. Three more porcupines showed up and kept trying to get inside. I put a rock in front of the hole in the door and made a fire in the fireplace. As it grew dark I noticed a shadowy figure in the corner of the cabin, like an enormous porcupine, larger than human size. He told me all about the porcupines, that lived high in the trees and made openings in the forest, to let the light in for new life to take root. I had had interrupted some meeting they were having and he was kind of angry at me. I came away from the encounter with a new appreciation for the life around me. There is an unseen dimension to animals, even seemingly simple ones, i would have thought of as having low intelligence due to their small rodent brains. Collectively they have great intelligence. Since then I have read about shamans speaking to representatives of other species, like “the great jaguar” and so forth. 

    It seems plausible to me that praying Mantids are an alien intelligence in another dimension. Mckenna also had a convresation with a mushroom. Since then there has been a lot of research in to how mycelium link together in vast networks underground like neurons in a huge brain. 

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