On Wikileaks and the Dimensional Shift

For those of us in the know, there is a dimensional shift well underway. The unstoppable forces of technology, prophecy, and ecological necessity conspire to thrust us wholly out of the old paradigm into a new way of being whose form remains just out of reach, on the tip of everyone's tongue, yet still unable to be fully articulated. 

For the flower children it appears as 11:11 and the weird precognitive glimpses. For the more left-brained it usually reveals itself as the technological singularity or the impending ecological catastrophe, but it's there… it will not be ignored.

As I'm sure many will agree, it's strange in this context to watch world events. It's as though you can literally see their symbolic nature play out before your very eyes. Sometimes it's even as though the media is desperately reaching toward this symbology. Alas, they somehow always seem to miss the forest for the trees.

Wikileaks provides a prime example in this regard.  Along comes Julian Assange, the rock-star hacker-who-doesn't-like-to-be-called-a-hacker who managed to  pull the card of the entire international diplomatic community. Now, on its surface, this one is a Huffington Post status affair. Drudge Report even. Leaked secrets, political discord, name-calling, and even the inevitable rape charge. All it needs is a little Kim Kardashian to be full-on TMZ material.

But you have only to look VERY thinly beneath the veneer to see a completely different take on the whole thing. Wikileaks signals as much as anything could the dimensional shift underway, laboriously plowing through the old decaying reality like so many glaciers through the Great Plains.

The first and most obvious take is the transparency versus state secrets angle. If we look at ourselves *as* our government, our government being a macrocosmic collective thought form representing our own inner journeys, the reason for the secrets and deception becomes obvious. We are by and large enormous microcosmic liars. If I examine my own life with some honesty, this turns out to be de rigeur. Jealousies, antagonism, outright hatred for the closest people in my life are often hidden just beneath the surface of polite hellos and a "How are you doing today?" smile. 

But this center can not hold. I can not ignore the synchronicities which mount in my life, forcing me through the darkness, through my own inner demons toward a radical transparency. An honesty based on vulnerability, self-awareness, and a willingness to just let the cards fall where they may. So too must the deep dark secrets of our collective inner workings be revealed, in splendid fashion, for all to see. This processes furthers our own individuation, forcing more of our psyche into the light where it can be integrated and assimilated into a greater wholeness.

My favorite commentator on the dimensional shift is a hybrid extraterrestrial named Bashar. He advises that in the new reality you are likely to find that people still don't like you, they are just more open about it. You know it and they know it and without the friction of hiding it from each other, the two of you are able to disappear out of each other's parallel realities with the greatest of ease. No harm, no foul.

In other words, we seem headed directly toward universal telepathy and it may end up being called Twitter, trolls and all. I am reminded of a great Ramakrishna quote where he was asked why teleportation was not available for more than the most adept yogis, and he said, because of the airplane. 

And there is the rub. It turns out that the dimensional shift may be painfully more mundane than it first appeared. The mass landings may never come, the moment on December 22 of THAT YEAR may not cause us to all awaken from our pods where after 3 days we have healed our collective trauma and walk out enlightened inhabitants of the next Satya Yuga. 

It may be a lot more about Wikileaks than Reptilians and Twitter than telepathy but at some point, what is the difference?

This is well and all, but it is a second area where Wikileaks really delivers the stunner. Where this drama assuredly moves us into the realm of on-the-ground collective action. For simply by virtue of existing, simply by doing what it does, Wikileaks pulls the blinders from our eyes and shows us just how archaic and inflexible, how disconnected many of our most cherished systems, even the concept of the nation-state entity, have become. 

And of course, rather than realizing this and moving forward, the wunderkind Mark Pesce explains that "there is already a movement underway within the state to shut down the holes, close the gaps, and carry on as before. But to the degree the state disconnects, it drifts away from synchronization with the real."

And rather than talking about it, protesting it, or decrying it, Wikileaks just makes it irrelevant. Pesce continues, "The only tenable possibility [for the state] is a ‘forward escape’, an embrace of that which seems destined to destroy it.  This new form of state power – ‘hyperdemocracy’ – will be diffuse, decentralized, and ubiquitous: darknet as a model for governance."

And that my dear friends is the work of the ages, the work of which we are all a part. It is Buckminster Fuller's Design Revolution writ large, where all of a sudden we can each be our own little Buckies. With S3 and EC2, Apache servers, WordPress blogs, and the Twitter APIs (oh my!) we can now build new systems and models out of thin air, in small groups or even alone.

"We can see what has broken, and how it should be fixed.  We can build new systems of human relations which depend not on secrecy but on connectivity.  We can share knowledge to develop the blueprint for our hyperconnected, hyperempowered future.  A week ago such an act would have been bootless utopianism.  Now it’s just facing facts."

Let's face some facts. Groupon just went from 0 to $6 billion in 2 years flat and friends, oh friends, this is just the beginning. Just as Wikipedia swiftly toppled Encyclopedia Britannica and Napster made the Virgin Megastore go bye-bye, so Wikileaks is already in the process of dismantling the ability of the mind control machine we call mass media to conspire any longer, faster than you can say 2012. 

It's getting real and it's getting real fast. You may not want the change but the change sure seems to want you. And lest you think this is spectator sport, let me remind you again that the collective shadow that needs integration is your own. I urge you to undertake this great work on an inner as well as an outer level. May your life be filled with ever-greater challenges toward transparency and honesty. And so it is.

I had no idea when I incarnated that this is what a dimensional shift would look like, that this is what it looks like when All That Is splits itself off into the amazing contortions required to create a reality where it literally FORGETS that it *IS* All That Is, to go deep into darkness and density, to pull back that rubber band, and then let go, flying into new realities of the most amazing possibility and can-do spirit that even Hammer can't touch this.

Or, as Bashar would say

Your world is preparing for a level of unconditional love never before seen on your planet. Even in ancient times in cultures far more connected to spirit than your own, never before have you gone THROUGH the darkness and into the light. And the love, once regained, will be profound. And it will never be lost again.

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