The Last Word: On Beliefs

I have completed what I set out to complete in writing these essays after all these years. What began as a way to keep in touch with friends around the globe quickly morphed into a way for me to reveal myself, more and more.

I was so shy for so long. Like, I can hardly believe how shy I was. I always wanted to go crazy and just be outgoing and able to meet people and be myself and connect. Every time I wrote these newsletters, it was like another layer chipped off of my fear.

After a hiatus, when I started writing again almost exactly a year ago, I had so much I wanted to say and to share, about life and why we’re here and where we’re going and why. But mostly about how to go crazy and be happy.

I now feel like I’ve shared everything that I have to share. I don’t really have anything new to say.

My intention is that the rest of my life is just a journey of saying these same things over and over in a multitude of ways that are fun and trippy and exciting and ambitious and audacious and then just up and die. That’s the plan.

So I’d like to let my work speak for itself for awhile. Enough about me, let me show you this video I made about me… like that.

I wrote one final essay: On Beliefs. It follows below.

Thank you for everything. You’ve all changed my life immeasurably by listening and dialoguing. I pray that I make you proud.

I love you always, Otis.

On Beliefs

There a few assumptions made to begin:

  • Our experience of time is speeding up. This process shows no signs of slowing.
  • The ideal way to live is that which provides the individual with maximum joy and fulfillment whilst respecting others’ rights to the same.
  • There are people on Earth experiencing dizzying highs while others experience stupefying lows.
  • Consciousness, a vibrational phenomenon, is primary to matter. Consciousness does not reside inside of matter. Rather, matter is an emergent property of consciousness. In other words, without matter there is still consciousness but without consciousness there is no matter.

If you do not accept these assumptions, this mightn’t be for you.

The Primacy of Belief

The fundamental property which determines the nature of each individual’s lived experience is belief. Not upbringing, not socioeconomics, not education. Belief.

This is not able to be proven on any macroscopic level. However, and somewhat paradoxically, it is able to be proven by each individual, to themselves.

The way that one proves this to themselves is simply by taking on different belief systems and then going on with their life. If they are truly able to take on such a task, they will find that various belief systems create wildly different experiences of reality. If they are not truly able to take on such a task, well, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Physical reality as we experience it is a fundamentally neutral phenomenon. It is like the stage on which the theater of our lives takes place. Each prop and set piece is imbued with meaning only by the actors taking part in the play. These set pieces have no meaning of their own.

For this reason, the fundamental characteristic of human life is the ability to imbue meaningless set pieces with meaning.

The secret of life is that each person can choose to imbue a set piece with any meaning they choose. They will then have experiences commensurate with the meanings they choose.

Meanings are created through taking on belief systems. This neutral set piece is good. That neutral set piece is bad. It is beliefs that cause these definitions to arise.

The Golden Corollary

Because reality as we experience it is neutral and because we are the imbuers of meaning, it follows that we can embue any experience with positive meaning. Simply because we choose to do so.

And if we choose to do this, the only experience that we can possibly have is a positive experience. It is circular logic at its finest. And it is true. The only thing required to prove this to oneself is the willingness to try.

This entire concept is best summed up in the phrase

This means something good is happening.

This simple phrase both practically encapsulates a very complex idea and at the same time serves as a reminder that anything can be interpreted positively.

In this way, use of this or a similar phrase begins the process of experiencing reality in more and more positive ways.

The Importance of This Process at This Time

The acceleration that each of us experiences in our lives is actually symptomatic of a larger phenomenon. It is like the nausea that can often accompany psychedelics. The nausea is not the phenomenon. It is simply a byproduct.

In the same way, the acceleration is not the phenomenon. It is simply a symptom of the phenomenon. In this case, the phenomenon is the shifting of frequency from one density to another.

In the same way that electrons have different orbital shells that they travel between, consciousness has different discrete levels that it can experience. Each level is existing simultaneously but consciousness can only experience one level at a time. In the same way that an electron can jump from one orbital to another, consciousness can jump from one level to another.

We are in a collective process of moving from one level to another. The new level is a higher, faster frequency than the level we are departing. Because this process is happening all around us, it is generally invisible to us, much like the water is invisible to the fish. All we can see are the symptoms, in the same way that the fish can only see its interaction with the water through the bubbles produced.

The Bifurcation

There are basic, fundamental truths to existence. We’ll call these truths mathematics. This is a very cold and sterile approximation of the truth, but it will do for our purposes.

There are no escaping these basic truths.

Because of the shifting of frequencies we are experiencing, many of the cultural forms built on top of slow frequencies are destabilizing and will ultimately disappear. New forms built on the new frequencies will arise and the process will continue. The choice then, for each individual, is whether to build their beliefs on top of old forms or new forms.

As this process continues to accelerate, the extremes will widen. As the newer forms come evermore online, those aligned with them will have increasingly positive existences. Not because I say so but because they say so. Their own experience of their life will become more and more, in their own words, magical.

At the same time, those who for whatever reason continue to identify with old forms will have increasingly disharmonious existences. Not because I say so but because they say so. Their own experience of their life will become more and more, in their own words, hellish.

This is as it should be. A fundamentally neutral experience of the process of consciousness shifting from one level to another.

My Subjective Interpretation of This Occurrence

So to get off my academic horse, a horse I quite enjoy, and to speak as one human to another, it’s game time.

The upside of this being game time is that one’s life can become in their own words, magical, almost overnight. The acceleration has reached nearly instantaneous speeds, where beliefs manifest into form almost immediately. One of the most salient qualities of the new level we are moving into is that beliefs manifest into form instantaneously. Again, this is all verifiable, but only individually.

The challenge here is, as always, psychological. To move from an ordinary life to a magical life involves shifting belief systems. Shifting belief systems involves uprooting many of the psychological underpinnings of one’s life and planting new beliefs in their place.

This process, especially during the uprooting phase, can mimic what we call insanity. There is a period of time when old beliefs have been uprooted and new beliefs have not yet taken hold that there are no solid beliefs holding you in place. It can feel like nothing is real, which, technically, is true.

It is the rare avatar that can actually hold this state and maintain their sanity and far be it from me to encourage it. Instead, all I can offer is that by repeating the phrase “This means something good is happening,” the process need not take long.

Choose new beliefs the way you would choose consumer items on a shopping spree. Take all the stuff you like best. Leave the rest. If you dare.

Wrapping It Up

Strangely, this is all there really is to life. It is both as simple and as complex as this. The funny part is that life is attempting to show us this at every scale.

A human being begins as merely two cells and keeps dividing and mutating until the vast billions of different looks and perspectives and experiences are created. It’s a very simple process that results in jaw-dropping complexity and variation.

The great secret of life is that you are in control of your experience and that furthermore you can consciously direct this experience.

One need look no further than the words of any great saint, athlete, artist, or businessperson to verify this statement. They all say it over and over and over and over. The horror is that even still, after all this time, very few listen.

This is really everything there is to know about life. There are an infinite number of details to become fascinated with. Become fascinated with them all. But always remember, this life thing is a simple thing.

May yours be one for the ages.